Books that Shape Common Early Stage Culture

Andrew Parker mentioned two of my favorite books as what he thought were important to entrepreneurs (original post). I started to think about what were some of the most important books to me that shaped me.

Here is a list in no particular order. I segmented them into five different categories. I’m starting to believe founders, teams, and their investors need to share common values (culture) in order to succeed—and these books create that “culture.”

 Mentality of a Founder

Founders at Work

Hackers and Painters

Do More Faster

The Launch Pad


The Art of the Start

 History of Silicon Valley

Creative Capital


 Understanding Modern Day Venture Capital

Mastering the VC Game

Venture Deals

 Lean Startup, Be a Modern Day Startup

Running Lean

Lean Analytics

Lean Startup

 Design Fiction, Where We are Going

Snow Crash



Brad Feld recently wrote about investing in CEOs who are Learning Machines; reading and thinking are super important in helping me learn. I try to keep a list of what I read.

At JFDI, we have a big reading culture, too. Here is a list of readings that we put together.

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