Early Stage Team Patterns

Fred Wilson posted this fireside chat between Eric Ries, Chris Dixon, and Marc Andreessen.

I’ve been thinking a lot on my experience interacting with early stage founders. We are constantly trying to understand the patterns and I have an ongoing working thesis on the type of teams we are looking for.

It’s great to see that what I believe in terms of bottom-up market sizing is important to Marc, too.

The video recording of the talk made me think about what we are looking for going into the next batch. Here are two segments that I particularly enjoyed.

Here is the video and my notes on the two segments.

Healthcare and Financial services: as examples of the extremely regulated (13:05) #

What Andreessen Horowitz looks for in teams? (26:39) #

Going into Recruiting Mode #

I wrote and shared an investment thesis last Fall and got some good comments. The piece was looking at the virtuous cycles of commerce platforms. However, that was a very different dimension in terms of assessing teams.

Through looking at the 2 classes of JFDI teams we worked with in 2013, I formed a short list of traits (currently 6-7 points) I should look out for. Adding to this list, I would try and include some of the key points Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon mentioned, including aptitude towards disruption.

Here is another great list compiled together by Michael Skok. Jeff Paine also shared his thought on this topic, and they made a lot of sense.

I have a lot to learn.


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