Why, How, What, 2014

Vision has become more and more of an important guiding force for me. I started to see how important that is in many entrepreneurs’ successes and failures; in the decisions that they make.

I look at it as if it is an overarching thesis. With a strong conviction to the vision, I get to make all the small decisions to work towards that goal.

The problem is, most of the time we get caught up in the midst of things. There is not a lot of opportunity to reflect and refine the vision—especially for our personal lives.

This is where I thought using the Golden Circle will help me figure out my personal goals. I have a strong vision of what my motivation is, but not so much how that translates to everyday life.

In particular, I am most interested to translate the motivations into specific milestones that I can measure.

1. WHY: what is my motivation? #

The question is how am I doing in terms of pursuing that ultimate and long term goal so far? What are my options and how do I proceed?

I strongly believe what we are doing at JFDI is helping me achieve the goals. I’d like to have a chance to evaluate that. Here is my plan:

2. HOW: how am I implementing these beliefs? #

+ what are my options?

3. WHAT: where is the end point? #

These are Big Questions #

I’ve been really excited to have a chance to unplug. These are the things that have been on my mind in the last few months.

I hope to find some clarity on the HOW and the WHAT in the next couple of days. We’re heading up to Joshua Tree, and I can’t wait!


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